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Hi,welcome to Liebo machinery official website, a professional manufacturer of new energy equipment!
  • Industry innovative
    First in the industry, it is more mini and has a smaller turning radius; Strong adaptability
  • Carefully
  • Innovative
  • Focus
  • Intimate
  • Focus on handling equipment
  • Consistent quality assurance
    Liebo insists on safeguarding the Seiko quality of material handling equipment, with tens of millions of repetitions and consistent quality. From supporting suppliers to component assembly, from molds to material processing, there are 268 processes and 79 quality control points! We have a professional technical team. We constantly innovate, change and rise, and strive to make our products more efficient, stable and safe.
  • Adhere to Seiko quality
  • Consistent quality
  • Professional technical engineer
  • Constantly changing and rising
  • Focus
  • Major
  • Attentive
  • Carefully build a professional and considerate after-sales service team and a strong after-sales service team for you; Let you worry free after sales! We are developing in the direction of safety and environmental protection to provide better technical support and product experience for our partners
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    • LIEBO(Shanghai) Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of material handling equipment, material st...
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    • Concentrate on one thing
    Believe in professional strength, we live up to our trust!
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